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I just received my first order of incense and can't believe how wonderful they all smell! I had read a lot of the testimonials on Anna's website and I am just as happy as the rest of your customers. I WILL definitely be ordering again from you! Fast shipping, great customer service, fresh incense and awesome scents! As I type this I have an Pussy incense stick still burning strong and it's been over 45 minutes. This is a very unique scent and would definitely recommend it. Thanks again!!!


Got my order today and I really enjoy the scents. Top quality stuff. Thank you Anna.


These are my absolute favourite incense, ever! They smell sooo good - I love the disaster packs! I just received the Christmas one and my senses are feeling festive and fabulous!!! These are so much better than the junk you buy at the mall, that smells boring like "mountains" or "sea" or something lame. SO AWESOME. And delivered SO FAST!!!! Thanks for being the best Anna's Incense!!!!


Anna's Incense are top notch hands down the best quality ones I've ever burned in 10 years!!! I will continue to order future sticks from here forever!!! I also found Anna's Incense on Facebook and told all my friends about Anna's! Thanks for the best incense ever!!! P.S Where have you been all my life????


I just purchased a pack of all the Holiday scents for my husband for Christmas and he absolutely loves them! I have over 200 sticks but as soon as we run out we'll be back to purchase new scents and some sage. Your service was great and the shipping was very fast. You have new customers for life.


I have ordered from Anna's multiple times and every time fragrances only get better and service from time of ordering to time of delivery is excellent. KUDO'S to All involved. Keep up the Great Work...I am a Lifetime Customer!!


Just had my first experience w/ you guys and just wanted to say WOW and give you a good 'ol pat on the back...I placed my order Friday afternoon, got em in the mail Thursday! Super fast shipping!!! But enough about the quickness of the shipping... I know everyone has a deeper question. The incense. How do they smell? WONDERFULL! I will definitely be placing another order w/ Anna. Thanks again! Keep up the GREAT work!


We've been ordering from Anna's a little over two years now. We moved to a new house and state and Anna's moved with us! It's just not a home without Anna's incense! You guys are the best!


I so enjoy and appreciate your incense scents, and can't imagine life without them! The neat smells always add a little sunshine to my day notwithstanding the weather outside. :O).


I was so excited to get my order that as soon as I got home, I went and lit one right away. I chose French Vanilla.. and to my glorious surprise I was so surprised to find that it ACTUALLY SMELLED LIKE FRENCH VANILLA! Thank you so much!


I just received my order in the mail..burnt my first incense and I just wanted to say WOW!!!! I will never buy my incense any where else but through you..they are wonderful..I also ordered one of your glass jar burners and I love it.


I just wanted to say how thrilled I am with the order I recently received. I can say with definite confidence that these incense are the best that I have come across yet. Just wanted to let you know how happy I am with the whole process as well; your website is great, shipping was very fast, and of course the product is excellent. I will be recommending you to everyone I know who enjoys incense. Keep up the great work!


I have been using one of your unique glass burners and incense for a few weeks now. I love them so much! Thanks for the great incense and everything else. Cheers!


I recently received my order. Thank you for such timely shipping and supplying such a wonderful product. We will especially enjoy the glass incense burners. I can't wait to get home to use one!


Thank you for a super product!!! I was looking forward to it's arrival, and was NOT disappointed!!! I have been looking for a quality incense for a while, as the gentleman I used to get hand dipped incense from had passed away. I will definitely be a repeat customer!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!


I just wanted to say that your incense are hands down the very best that I have burned. Until next time I am going to sit back and enjoy my pumpkin pie incense and you have a great day!


Just wanted to let you know that I received my order and am very happy! All your incense is wonderfully fresh like you promised and I love the the glass Sine-Wave burner. I'll definitely be ordering from you guys again very soon. Thank you!


Way back in March (2009) i bought two packages of the spring disaster packs. As of today i am down to the last stick in the first package, i have loved the scents of every stick i burned and i have found your incense to be the very best i have used. i am so pleased to have discovered you on the Internet. Thank you for making such fine incense.


Just a note to let you know my shipment arrived yesterday and everything is fine. Thank-you for that coffin box!!! I am using it as we speak!!
I have to tell you, I am not your typical incense burner customer! I never knew what incense was - until about 10 years ago! I am a 71 year old grandma! About 10 years ago, my daughter who had recently married - and then purchased their first home - and therefore - could have the Doberman puppy she always wanted - did so ! Well, her dad and I went to visit and of course, had to meet our new “grand-doggie “. Well, she was being potty-trained, so Kristi had her down in the basement at the time. So, we all went down to meet "Kohle " . After the greeting , jumping , licking , etc. , I realized it smelled good down there !! So , I mentioned it to Kristi and she said , " Oh , I burn incense to mask the doggie odors until we get her potty trained ! " So , I asked her all about it - where she got it , etc . She told me , and she even gave me a burner and some incense !! About 6 years ago , when my hubby got me a computer , someone told me about looking for web sites that sold incense ! I found yours! Every morning, before I even put the coffee on , I get an incense going and my kitchen smells wonderful !! I have people come in and go , " WOW - What smells so good in here ? " and I proceed to tell them !! By the way , my daughter in Vegas ( professor of music - teaching at a local college )will be ordering from you shortly. Sorry I've carried on so -- Just once again - Thank-you so very much - and -MERRY CHRISTMAS


Mary and I discovered you A year ago, and have used your product to enhance or nightly wii practice. At 77 we're very pleased with your product.


Just dropping a note to say I am highly satisfied with the spring mix disaster pack. All the floral smells are so beautifully fragranced. I will be getting more in the near future. I have always found your ordering process to be hassle free and customer service is excellent. Thank you for being such a wonderful company to deal with. You have a repeat customer for life. - Rachelle


I was in your store yesterday in Hope, BC, along with a friend. She and I bought a fair bit of incense and I just got to start burning the first stick now. I LOVE it. I will definitely be back (once I run out) and buy more, and I will be directing all of my friends to you. This stuff is AWESOME! - Neil


Thanks so much! My order got here SO fast! I love the incense. After I placed my order, I spoke to my friend Stephanie who lives out in Hope. I mentioned I ordered incense online from your store and she ALSO told me how fantastic you were. I was relieved, as sometimes buying online can be scary. Needless to say, her high recommendations were 100% on the mark. Thank you for your product and your speedy service. - Shilo


I received my incense yesterday and have tried several including the new "Egyptian Musk" that you recommended. I am thrilled to tell you that I love it. It's an incredible scent that's not too heavy yet very pleasing. I have no idea how to describe scents, especially over the Internet but you definitely picked a good one there. If I were to try and explain to someone who has never burned incense what it smells like, well, I just don't know, but one thing is for sure, you sure have great incense.
My wife is sensitive to certain types of incense because they give her headaches. I've had to toss several other brands but your incense never seems to cause her any irritation. She actually enjoys it as much as I do. And that's saying a lot for someone who never used incense before she met me.
Thank you so much for your quick service and all the incredible incense you sell. I'm an incense nut so it won't be too long before I am ordering more. Again, thanks so much and have a great springtime. - Dave


The delicious scent of Sandalwood is wafting around my living room and it is absolutely lovely! I've only ever used mass produced incense before and I really see and smell a difference in your product...I'm really pleased! Thanks a bunch....you'll definitely be getting another order from me once the supply runs down. All the best, no non-scents - Phil


I got the order, that was very quick shipping. The incense are wonderful, smell great and burn slowly so they seem to last a while. Pretty decent deal for your money too. Looking forward to buying a disaster pack soon. - Matt


I received my order yesterday and opened it this morning. Lit up a couple of sticks today while doing some Pilate's and afterwards some cooking. Outstanding incense. Love it. All the reviews about your products were on the mark. Super quality, no more burning eyes, sore throat and black smoke like when using the cheap stuff. I'll use some outside to keep away the mosquitoes and maybe the bears this summer too LOL! I will definitely be ordering more in the near future. Keep up the good work. Thank you again for a wonderful product and great service. Kudos. Regards Eric.....:)


I received my order yesterday and I haven't stopped burning your incense since. By far your incense is the best incense that I have ever used. The aroma is wonderful but not too overpowering. I absolutely love them. You have a customer for life. - Rebecca


I got my order and I am so pleased!!! I don't know why I have ever bought from anyone else. You can expect me to come back when I need some more. Thanks a lot! - Carla


I have been using one of your unique burners and incense for a few weeks now. I love them so much! Thanks for the great incense, customer service and everything else. Cheers! - Harrison


I ordered some incense from you and I would like to tell you how absolutely wonderful your incense is. I enjoy it so much and the variety and quality are excellent. I found out about your incense from a good friend of mine Richard from Denver, CO. Richard has been ordering your incense for quite some time, now. He absolutely loves it and enjoys it as much as I do. I visit Richard every now and then and so many times in the past when I entered his house, I would smell this wonderful wonderful aroma. Finally, one day I asked him about it and he was indeed very excited to tell me all about your wonderful incense. Immediately, he showed me all the different incense aromas he had just received from you and even sent home with me some information he had received about your incense. I was so excited! Richard just couldn't say enough good and wonderful things about you and your incense. So I have to agree, the quality and promptness of your ordering and receiving process is definitely to be very highly commended and very much appreciated by not only myself, but I am sure by all who have become your lucky customers. Thank You for all the enjoyment your incense gives not only me, but I am sure to all others who use it. - Pam


I just wanted to say that I am really impressed with your incense! I have tried several other big-name brands of incense, but none as good as yours. I ordered the disaster pack a few weeks ago, and finally got some time to burn a stick, and I couldn't believe what I was experiencing! The scent was incredible and I couldn't believe how long lasting the sticks are! You certainly have a satisfied customer here! I will be ordering from you for the rest of my life! - Charlie


Thank you for such great smelling incense and once all the incense I bought is gone, I will order more. I am happy you care for your customers so much, you see them as friends...- Sia


Your service is great and so far your whole company is great too! The package arrived today and now I have been struggling to decide which one to try first. I just wanted to say thanks and if the sticks are even half as good as your professionalism and great website setup I will be a repeat customer. (I don't think there will be a problem though I have smelled and looked at all the sticks and they look and smell great.) Thanks again and have a great day. - Andrew


I just wanted to say thank you so much for everything! I'm a first time customer who found you by way of google. I try to support independent women owned businesses as much as I possibly can. So, I was very excited to find your website! I can't tell you how impressed I am with your products and service. Your website is so easy to navigate and it's very friendly. I was very surprised to receive a personal email from you telling me my order shipped as I'm sure you are very busy this time of year! Receiving my order in 3 days was just icing on the cake! WOW!! I could go on and on about your incense because I love it so much! Thank you for such a wonderful experience! You can count on me to be a return customer :) Happy Holidays! - Bobbie


Aloha Anna!! I want to let everyone know how great everything is and how amazing your customer service is! Aloha and mahalo, - Sean


I just have one word WOW! And, your product is wonderful. They last a long time. - Denise


I wanted to leave a testimonial because I read some ratings on your incense and one of the negative ratings said it doesn't burn long. Well, I find that INCORRECT and I LOVE your incense...in fact I'm ordering more! It not only smells wonderful it is not overpowering and it lasts a very long time. Thank you for a great product, I will keep coming back. - W. Gail


Hands down the best incense and customer service around! I love Anna's incense!! Thank you for such a quality product!! - Kathrine


Thank you Anna! I Received it today : ) and am Very satisfied, (my place usually smells like a beer hall : ) I'll be back for future purchases. Thanks again - Joe


Anna, dear heart, The package arrived before your Email. Thanks for your fine service. - Ross


My order arrived today -- I love the glass bottle incense burner, love it, love it -- I have been staring at the smoke swirling, just mesmerized, for almost an hour! I am so glad I found your online store and am very happy with all my purchases today. Thank you again. I'll definitely be a repeat customer. What a lovely business you're in! - Lyn


Wow, I can't believe how quickly your order arrived--less than one week to an FPO/military address! The incense is great and the glass sun bottle is beautiful. Thanks for such great products and service! - Kristina


I just wanted to drop a note that I just got my first order from you guys and your incense rocks! I also love the smoking bottle - cool idea! Have a great day! - Gina


Hello! Anna and Family. I received my incenses today. I gave some to, two co-workers and when they smelt them they said "aww, not like the dollar store" no kidding I thought. The smell from holding it in my locker a couple of hours yesterday is still there today. You have the best incense on the planet, and I've bought from all over, so I say it without hesitation. Thanks for the extra bags for my friends. - Amanda


I absolutely love your incense! I just received my first shipment from you. I purchased a bottle incense burner as well as my favorite scents Patchouli and Opium. I was EXTREMELY EXCITED when I first used my new burner. My glass burner gives off so much more fragrance than the traditional wood burners. I just went purchase 4 more scents! Again thank you! I am a new loyal customer! - Paul


This is my second order from your shop and to say that I am impressed and satisfied is VERY much an understatement. Your incense ROCK! I've never used such a high quality incense product and I hope to order over and over and over! Thanks for you and your family's commitment to such high quality and standards. I look forward to receiving my order when it arrives. By the way, part of it is a gift for an incense loving friend who came over not long ago while I was burning some of your product. He was VERY impressed as well! So, hopefully you will get yet another pleased customer. I trust this e-mail finds you and your family/staff well, and again, thank you for standing behind such great products (and customer service!). - Ron


We just want to say that your incense is by far the best we have used and we have tried a lot. We love your quick service, low prices and mostly the quality product you provide. Thanks Anna! - Carlo and Brandy


I received my order and I am happy to tell you that this is the best incense that I've ever used. I will continue to buy your products in the future. - Patricia


Thank you so much, I received my incense in NO TIME! It is wonderful. I used to order from A***sWorld, but when I order from you the SERVICE and the INCENSE is much BETTER! I will definitely be ordering again real soon.. Thanks again! - Carrie


Good morning Anna, Just to let you know that my order arrived yesterday. I could not have been more thrilled with the order or your superior customer service. You have earned another customer! Have a wonderful holiday season. Merry Christmas - Lois


I just wanted to let you know that I received my order in perfect condition. It came so quickly too! When I opened the mailbox, I got a good whiff of lovely scented incense. Your company is awesome! - Michelle


I just wanted to say that I love you guys and your products. I ordered Pumpkin Pie and other 'homey' smells from you while I lived in VA. But now, well...we recently moved to a house that lacks a fireplace, so we live for your 'campfire' flavor. It just makes me feel so at home! I'm slowly trying other scents as well, but again, Campfire makes the autumn and winter really nice. Also, your service is stellar, quick and I really love the new zip-lock packets you've started using. THANKS! - Paige


ANNA!!!!! YOU ARE SO GREAT!!!!!! You emailed me Friday about my order and I have it already and it's only MONDAY!!!!!!! I am so glad I buy from you YOU ARE THE BEST!!!!!!!!! - Nicole


I received my order, WOW....that was fast!!!! The Incense is fabulous!!! Thank you very much, you are now in my favorites file. Thanks again for the great service! - Bruce


I received your products already and they are great... I love the glass incense burners...the no mess part is great! I will be ordering from you again and again...Thanks! - Joan


I received my products yesterday, THEY ARE TOP NOTCH!!! I will definitely order from you again for friends, family, gifts and probably even some to resale on the side for fun! - Rhonda


I placed my first order with you a few weeks ago and I am very pleased with the quality of ALL the products I ordered. You have no peer in the world of incense and once everyone finds out about your superior quality and un-matched customer service, you will be the number one company in the field. Thank you very much! - Tom


Hey Anna & team! I am not only impressed by the simple and reliable online ordering but also by the speedy delivery and the exceptional customer service that was provided. All the incense I received smell fabulous! It is exactly what I've been searching for. Keep up the great work! Ill continue to purchase well in to the future and recommend you to anyone I see! - Sara


My order has just arrived and I am so pleased. The moment I opened the package I noticed that everything was in great shape from the mail journey & the scents were wonderful. I can't wait to discover which scents are in my Disaster Packs!!!! I have been telling my friends and family about your incense-- I will definitely be back for more. Thanks again for such a wonderful product and stellar customer service! It is nice having a company online that does not shy away from customer contact!!!! :-) Very Refreshing!!!! - Maria


I received my first order last Friday, what a great product. Thank you! - L. Robinson


Your package came in yesterday and I must tell you that it is the best quality incense that I have ever used. It lasted almost twice as long as the store bought sticks that I have used before. Thanks again! - Fred