Freshness makes the difference. The packaged incense you find in most stores was made overseas. It then spent months on a ship crossing the ocean only to filter down into your local retail shops. Anna's Incense is dipped fresh in Canada and shipped within 48 hours of ordering. Often your incense is only weeks old when you spark it up!

We strive to get all orders out within 48 hours. All packages are shipped via USPS so you should expect your incense to arrive within 2-5 business days.

Most people are amazed at how long it takes to burn up a stick of our incense. The 9" sticks burn for well over an hour, while the 12" sticks burn up to 2 hours! That's one of the great benefits of fresh incense. Cones burn for about half an hour and the jumbo wands have been clocked burning for over 4 hours at a time!

Sure, we'd be happy to add you as an Anna's Incense Distributor. Also, check out our wholesale site at www.wholesaleincense.com and you can even shop online!

The poly bags that the incense comes in should keep it well preserved. If you live in a humid climate and find that the sticks are "sweating" (the oils are getting on the inside of the bag) it's ok to keep them in the fridge, that will ensure that the sticks stay well saturated. But usually as long as you keep the package out of direct sunlight, you will be ok.

Well, here's a picture of our Dip Master, Steve, circa 1969. You be the judge. :)