About Anna

 Anna - World Famous for Incense!

On Anna's Incense you can order the incense that made Anna world famous! All hand dipped and packaged fresh, Anna doesn't colour her sticks or cones, and she doesn't use lighter fluid. Once you've burned Anna's Incense, you'll never burn any other! 

The Story of Anna's Incense 

Born in Toronto during the funkiest part of the 70's, Anna later moved to the ragged wilderness of British Columbia where she began her magical journey into the realm of incense. With the help of her family, she soon began sharing her incense at local flea markets and music festivals. Her popularity reached cult proportions with regular fans coming back again and again, bringing friends and family from far and wide for Anna's fine incense.

Unfortunately hampered by the limitations of space and time, Anna was only able to bring her incense to the fortunate few who lived within the reach of her old Dodge van. The rest of Canada and in fact, the world, would still be living without any knowledge of Anna and her wonderful wares, if not for the intervention of Anna's brother, Jeremy.

Having graduated from Radio and Television school, Jeremy applied his knowledge of the Internet and communications in general, to Anna's successful line of incense bottles. Under the spiritual and financial guidance of their father, Steve, retired entrepreneur and life long hippy, the brother and sister team have been able to spread the smell of Anna's Incense to thousands of people around the world, and the list grows everyday.